TOP 15 BOARD GAMES 2019-2020

June 24, 2020 2 Comments

From our experience, finding an interesting and unusual board game is very difficult. In most stores you can buy the usual lotto, monopoly, mafia and a few more analogues. In fact, there are many more exciting games that will help you spend an unforgettable time in the company of friends. Our task is to shed light on unusual board games and talk about the best of them. So here is our Top 15 board games for anyone to play.

Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

Absolutely all people of any age know about the computer analogue of this game – this is a paper version of “Heroes of Sword and Magic”. It was developed by the same Vladimir Khvatil. 

Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition is slightly more difficult to learn than its original source, but this makes the game only more interesting. It has a lot of opportunities for self-realization, a deeply developed and flexible “engine”. This is a game of logic, because the moves on the modular battlefield should be weighed as much as possible. Just one wrong move can lead to defeat, as well as one right move to victory. The full edition means that in addition to the basic version, the box includes 3 more expansions(The Lost Legion, Krang, and Shades of Tezla). You can play the standard version for a whole year and still not learn it completely.

The game includes:

  • 4 heroes;
  • 4 miniature cities;
  • 20 locations;
  • 40 mana crystals
  • 8 mana cubes
  • 92 action cards;
  • 20 spells;
  • 16 artifacts;
  • 54 wound cards;
  • 40 squad cards
  • 12 tactics;
  • 4 skill description cards;
  • 7 descriptions of places;
  • 80 tokens of armor, 40 – attacks, 24 – levels, 60 – enemies;
  • 12 ruin tokens.
Manufacturer recommended age12+
Number of players1-5
Product Dimensions10 x 8 x 8 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Product information


It is a role-playing game in the fantasy genre, which can be played even alone. Gloomhaven takes the player to the Middle Ages, where there is a lot of strong magic, massive battles, lurking cave horrors and dangerous opponents. The whole game is full of cool plot twists. Despite Gloomhaven being ranked as a dungeon-crawler genre, the focus is more on battle tactics than research (although the world is really rich).

A few facts to understand the scale of the game: the box weighs more than 9 kg, it is packed to the brim with game elements;

  • more than 1700 cards;
  • 95 different tasks;
  • 17 classes of heroes, but only 6 are initially available: warrior, mage, barbarian, archer, spell spinner;
  • 47 varieties of opponents, etc.
Manufacturer recommended age12+
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions16.2 x 7.5 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight21.6 pounds
Product Information


This game from top 15 board games is much simpler than the previous ones, it can be called a family strategy. Two to four people take part, each heading their own faction. The one who gains control of the magic forest wins. There are 4 fractions in the game: Marquise de Cat, Eyrie dynasties, Woodland Alliance and Vagabond. Each dynasty has unique abilities that help to dominate the forest and determine battle tactics.

The kit includes:

  • playing board on 2 sides;
  • 4 card tips;
  • 4 tablets, one for each fraction;
  • 56 figures of characters from a tree;
  • 2 battle cubes;
  • 93 cards;
  • 70 various tokens.
Manufacturer recommended age14+
Number of players2-4
Product Dimensions11.44 x 8.88 x 2.88 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Product Information

Brass Birmingham

This version of the game is transformed, supplemented,
and with improved visual component. All this has given new interest to Brass. The Birmingham version is a continuation of the economic game in which the player is engaged in construction, network development, and mining of various resources. This is a fairly complicated game, so it is best suited for adults. Today comes with localization.

The kit includes:

  • map;
  • 180 business cards;
  • 76 cards;
  • 4 tablets for players;
  • 4 income tokens;
  • 15 beer barrels;
  • 4 victory dibs;
  • 56 elements of railway tracks;
  • 18 cubes of metal and 30 – coal;
  • 4 images of heroes;
  • 70 cash dibs.
Manufacturer recommended age14+
Number of players2-4
Product Dimensions11.75 x 1.92 x 11.75 inches
Item Weight3 pounds
Product Information


Nemesis from Top 15 board games

A small background to the game: a detachment (up to 5 characters) is on an alien ship, it is imprisoned and completely surrounded by aliens, for whom people are just incubators for carrying eggs. Objectives of the game: to prevent the destruction of the ship, save your life and leave the ship with the help of rescue capsules. It will be great if there is no alien worm inside the person. The game about aliens got into the rating due to the successful combination of different gameplay decisions with atmospheric theme. One of the interesting  features is the ability to decapitate the aliens by throwing their queen overboard.

The kit includes:

  • game board;
  • 25 figures;
  • 280 cards;
  • 120 dibs.
Manufacturer recommended age14+
Number of players1-5
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 6 inches
Item Weight9.28 pounds
Product Information

Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 (Red Edition)

The continuation of the Pandemic turned out to be very interesting. Now there are “RPG elements” in it, that is, development. The beginning is almost identical to the classic version, but with each batch everything changes, and the changes come from game actions. The gaming world is constantly changing, players save in envelopes (players periodically open them). Heroes periodically receive more and more benevolent and destructive properties, and they even have a relationship. As the pandemic progresses, more and more vibrant cities will be cut out. This game is definetly from the list of top 15 board games.

The kit includes:

  • board;
  • 5 role cards;
  • 48 city maps;
  • 5 epidemic tokens;
  • 8 elements designating events;
  • 4 memos;
  • 48 infection tokens;
  • 62 heritage cards;
  • 4 designations of the vaccine;
  • 5 dossier cards;
  • 96 cubes and some additional cards.
Manufacturer recommended age13-15
Number of players2-4
Product Dimensions2.95 x 10.63 x 14.57 inches
Item Weight4.5 pounds
Product Information

Star Wars: Rebellion

The pearl of the top 15 board games is this one. It is based on 4, 5, and 6 episodes of Star Wars. Players will take part in the battle between the rebels and the imperial troops. Civil war takes place on a huge map divided into 32 regions. The goals of the two factions: the empire controls two strong allies: the fleet and the army. Its main task is to calculate the location of the resistance base and destroy it; the rebels have no choice but to deliver accurate and powerful blows from the shadows. Their mission is to show the weakness of the imperial troops and inspire the maximum number of citizens to revolt. This can be achieved by putting sticks in the wheels of the Empire. An important role in the game is played by factional leaders. Immediately each side receives several leaders, and gradually attracts more and develops them.

  • 2 game boards;
  • 89 figures of the Imperials and their troops;
  • 64 statuettes of rebels;
  • 68 tasks;
  • 34 action tokens;
  • 31 probes;
  • 30 tactical cards;
  • 15 goals;
  • 39 loyalty cards and 32 damage;
  • 25 commander tokens with coasters;
  • 10 sabotage icons.
Manufacturer recommended age13-15
Number of players2-4
Product Dimensions11.75 x 11.75 x 5.25 inches
Item Weight3.75 pounds
Product Information

Mansions of Madness, 2nd Edition

A board game in the horror genre tells about a mansion in which terrible things happen. The player needs to explore all the locations of the house and collect evidence. Something similar can be observed in Arkham Horrors, only this is a less ambitious game where everything happens in the mansion. Despite the smaller size of the location, the density of terrible creatures and oddities is several times greater. The second edition was included in the rating, the main feature of which is the lack of need for a master player. In the last part, he had to control monsters. Companion app replaces the human. Thanks to it, there are more outcome options in narratives, puzzles, and the risk of accidentally indicating an answer is eliminated.

Game kit:

  • 40 ordinary things;
  • 24 special items;
  • 30 magic cards;
  • 37 state maps;
  • 40 cards for dealing damage;
  • 40 horror cards. 
Manufacturer recommended age13-15
Number of players1-5
Product Dimensions11.63 x 5.25 x 11.63 inches
Item Weight2 pounds
Product Information

Rising Sun

The concept of this game from top 15 board games may be familiar to those who have already played Blood Rage. The main difference of the new version is the transition from a military solution to the conflict to more diplomatic methods, although the war has been given considerable importance. The story throws the hero during the feudal period of Japan, where the gods who wished to rebuild the country woke up. Each player becomes the head of the House. There are quite a few actions here: political agreements, offerings, command and control, recruitment of demons, capture of locations and extraction of useful resources. With the help of diplomacy, players can temporarily conclude a truce, jointly attack enemies and betray each other.

Game kit:

  • game board;
  • 58 thumbnails;
  • 40 coasters;
  • 10 markers;
  • 66 cards;
  • 99 tokens.
Manufacturer recommended age14+
Number of players3-5
Product Dimensions12.72 x 12.72 x 4.72 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Product Information

Gaia Project

Gaia Project from Top 15 board games

Extremely deep strategy with an emphasis on the economic component. The goal is the colonization of space. In fact, this is an improved version of the cult game “Terra Mystic”, which occupies high positions in all ratings. The player is offered the opportunity to become the head of one of the 14 available races and make it a winner. To succeed, you need to properly allocate resources, capture colonies and gradually transform them into places for resettlement of your own race. The game has 7 planets, a modular field and tasks for each round, all this makes it replayable.

Game kit:

  • modular field for 10 sectors;
  • field of research and calculation of points;
  • 7 tablets for civilizations (all of them are bilateral);
  • 126 elements of buildings;
  • 354 cards;
  • 151 tokens;
  • 4 memos.
Manufacturer recommended age13-15
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions11.81 x 14.38 x 2.69 inches
Item Weight7 pounds
Product Information

FFG Fallout: The Board Game California Expansion

Atmospheric Fallout Wasteland is now in the board game. The hero’s resources are very limited, it’s difficult to mine, and everything around him is unfriendly. Enemy monsters are hiding everywhere. The peculiarity of the game is that all actions entail strong consequences. One or a couple of decisions can direct the adventure in a completely different direction, changing the reputation of the hero in the wasteland. The player faces difficult choices: between the Institute and the Underground City, the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel, the destruction of monsters or interaction with friends.

Game kit:

  • 5 figures;
  • 3 cubes;
  • 12 pointers;
  • 21 modular field elements;
  • 14 chips of benefits;
  • 4 scenarios;
  • 75 meeting cards;
  • 4 tablets;
  • 100 missions;
  • 23 chips of intentions;
  • 54 cola cap tokens;
  • 35 cards of characteristics;
  • 27 types of enemies;
  • 12 feature cards;
  • 34 loot cards;
  • 23 assets;
  • 11 special assets;
  • 8 quest tokens.
Manufacturer recommended age14+
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions2.05 x 10.04 x 10.04 inches
Item Weight1.13 pounds
Product Information


Everdell is a small “town” with talking forest animals. In total, players are given 4 seasons and a small number of workers, after a while you need to show the best “city”. The essence of the game: the arrangement of workers and the creation of cities. During the course, you can choose one of three actions: play with a figure, card or prepare for the next season (performed in 3 actions). If there is no way to take any action, then you need to say “pass”. When everyone passes, the game ends and the city with the most points wins. Everdell deserves it’s place in top 15 board games.

Game kit:

  • 128 critter and construction cards,
  • 16 event mini-cards,
  • 11 forest mini-cards,
  • 110 resource pieces,
  • 30 point tokens,
  • 20 occupied tokens,
  • 24 wooden workers,
  • 1 18-sided die and 1 game board (which includes a 3D tree)
Manufacturer recommended age13+
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions2.95 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches
Item Weight3.3 pounds
Product Information

Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of crime from Top 15 board games

One of the best detective games, at least its rating on popular sites is the highest in its genre. She successfully combines board and computer games. As you progress through the missions, barcodes appear that need to be scanned through the phone. This gives more information about the crime and the attacker. When using VR glasses, you have the opportunity to personally look at the crime scene. According to the developers, they will continue to actively develop the application and the digital world of the game, gradually introducing more investigations based on the basic components.

Game kit:

  • 4 forensic contact boards;
  • game board;
  • 17 locations;
  • 55 characters;
  • 15 unique items;
  • 37 evidence;
  • 5 investigations.
Manufacturer recommended age12+
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions10.5 x 3 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight2 pounds
Product Information

Great Western Trail

A strategy game in the style of the Wild West, where the player is surrounded by cowboys and Indians. The hero will have to feel himself in the shoes of the owner of an ordinary ranch, his income depends on the skillful management of herd. Trading and driving cattle will help to rise and surpass other players. It all starts with a couple of herds and a few helpers. Over time, additional herds, workers, stations, etc. become available. All characters are involved in herding cattle from Texas to Kansas City.

Set Contains:

  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 92 cattle cards
  • 28 objective cards
  • 47 cattle post tiles
  • 54 worker tiles
  • 18 hazard tiles
Manufacturer recommended age12+
Number of players2-4
Product Dimensions2.76 x 11.61 x 11.61 inches
Item Weight3.56 pounds
Product Information

Spirit Island

A cooperative game, in which the theme of colonization of distant lands is presented in an absolutely unusual light. Now you might think that you have to improve the economy and train Aboriginal people, but no. Players will take on the guise of great natural spirits who want to expel the invaders from the island they have inhabited. If the tribes are killed, then there will be no people left to worship the spirits. This is a very complex game from the top 15 board games with a lot of nuances, but it is very interesting and replayable, extremely variable and atmospheric.

Spirit Island from Top 15 board games

Kit Contents:

  • 8 different Spirits,
  • Over 50 distinct Major and Minor Power Cards
  • 4 modular Island Boards
  • 100+ pieces for representing the Invaders and Dahan
  • 15 Invader cards
  • 15 Fear cards
  • 3 multi-tier Adversaries
  • 4 optional Scenarios
Manufacturer recommended age13+
Number of players1-4
Product Dimensions11.6 x 2.95 x 11.6 inches
Item Weight2 pounds
Product Information

To summarize

We tried to capture various board games with this review of top 15 board games, so that everyone could find something for themselves. There are many strategies in the rating, dungeon crawlers and even peculiar RPG games are present. It remains only to decide what you want to play, order a game and enjoy the gameplay.

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