Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns From Birth to 24 Months (based on customer reviews)

Ducks bath toys for toddlers
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After reading dozens of parents reviews, we have found the top 10 bath toys for newborns. Toys sets are placed in descending order according to the customer reviews. With these toys your bathtime will become full of joy and happy smiles.

Tide Pool Bath Set (from Green Toys)

This is a bright set of 7 pieces for the bath and pool playtime. The box includes a starfish, snail, jellyfish and other sea creatures along with a storage bag with a seaweed pattern. The storage bag is made of 100% recycled bags. It has holes on the sides, so when you done playing put the toys in the bag and the water will drain out.
Each piece of the set is designed to pour water in various ways. As a result, you can either create a waterfall with the abalone toy or see how water runs down and out of the jellyfish legs. The set includes a palm size shells to scoop water and wash a baby. Or you can use these shells to play with the sand on the beach or backyard.
The set is made from recyclable materials and is dishwasher safe.

Duck Tubing Floating Bath Toys (from Playaho)

A set of ducks is a perfect toy for a baby in the bath. In the box with bath ring ducks you will find three connecting tubes and three rubber ducks. The task is to connect the tubes and to put the duck onto it. All the pieces are brightly colored and float, so the baby will have a lot of fun while taking the bath.
Besides the fun part, the toy plays an important role in developing the kid’s color coordination, motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
The toys are made of soft materials. The tubes are firmly sealed to prevent the leaking, so no mold can appear. The toys can be used either in the bath, or in the pool. One of the best sets from Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns.

Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys (from Munchkin)

Bubbles Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

This set of bath toys is a perfect way to entertain your baby. You can be sure that floating bath bubbles that spin and shine in the water will definitely grab kid’s attention. The size is perfect for the little hands, so it is easy to hold and push in the water.
Inside of each bubble there is a different toy that rattles and spins. These are designed for babies to develop their hand and eye coordination while trying to grasp the toy and shake the bubbles.
Lots of texture and movement is guaranteed for your baby since colorful rings move easily around the bubbles. With this set you bath fun time will bubble up!

Safari Animals Bath Toys (from Munchkin)

The set consists of 33 toys in a shape of wild animals. You can mix and match piece anyway you want and create hundreds of possible variations and animal combinations. The shapes are made of soft and nontoxic foam that will last for a long time. When shapes are wet they can stick to the tub walls. Moreover, they are also float on water.
The Safari foam puzzle set is good for the smallest – because they are soft and nice to touch. And babies over 18 months old will have fun creating many combinations while taking a bath.

Little Boat Train Toys (from Munchkin)

Boats Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

This is the perfect gift for the little ones that love to play with vehicles or love to make constructions. The set contains six boats that can be linked together and create a train for bath play time. Each boat has a number on it, so they are great to practicing numbers, teaching order and counting. They are all of different colors, so can be used for color recognition too. In addition, each boat has a cute goofy face on it that will make your baby smile. The boats float easily, they are good to scoop and pour water wich helps to develop baby’s motor skills.

Bath Bobbers Toys (from Munchkin)

The set includes two bobbers – one is a Polar Bear and one is a Penguin. With these two bobbling arctic friends your baby’s bath time will turn into winter wonderland. Both Polar Bear and a Penguin can sink and pop out of the water immediately making every baby smile.
These bath boobers have a perfect size for small hands, it is easy to grab them and operate, which is good for the motor skills development. Besides, playing with two arctic animals can be good for your baby’s imagination. Recommended age – 6 months +.

Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toys (from WowWee)

baby shark Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

Bright and smiley toys for your fun time in the bath! The pack includes 4 little toy sharks – Baby, Mommy and Daddy Shark, and William. The size is perfect for the small hand and created to develop motor skills. For more fun these little sharks squirt water and create splashy splash!

Disney Frozen Bath Toys (from Disney Frozen)

disney frozen Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

From kids’ most favorite movie – Frozen – to your bath tub! A set of 6 toys made of soft plastic includes favorite movie heroes – Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff and of course, the one and only – Marshmallow. All toys can squeeze water to create funny splash in the water. Comes with a clear zip case to carry the toys.

Finding Nemo Bath Toys (from The First Years)

finding nemo Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

Finding Nemo movie is in your bathroom!. A set of colorful bath squirt toys for toddlers to visually engage them into an interactive game. Also, the size of the fish is perfect for littele hands. Your baby can easily grab Nemo, Dory and Turtle and squirt the water for fun!

Stack & Pour Buckets Bath Toys (from Skip Hop)

buckets Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns

These stack and pour buckets are famous Skip Hop Zoo characters. The set includes five buckets with different sprinkle effects. Handles are easy to grab for little hands. With these funny buckets you will have endless joy while taking bath and building motor skills. In addition, toys are easy to stuck and store.

Use this list of the Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns to build your baby’s motorskills, color detection, counting and don’t forget about fun!

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