Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years (Based On Customer Reviews)

Pandemic Iberia board game
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To help parents in choosing a good gift for their kid’s birthday, we have analized customers’ reviews and collected the Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years.

Here’s a question, many parents must be wondering: what to gift your 9-10 year old kid for birthday? The thing is gifting children of this age can be a bit challenging especially if there is a wide range of options to choose from. So here is our top 11 board games!


Top 11 Board Games For Kids

Fun game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips for a perfect Friday night! This game is challenging and exciting. You need to play a card in your hand and then to place a chip on the right place on the board game. As soon as you have five chips in a row – it’s a Sequence! To win the game, be ready to block your opponents or remove their chips from the board. All you need to succeed is some strategy and a little bit of luck. The game has a touch of poker, rummy and canasta. The box contains 104 playing cards and 50 chips in different colors.


Imagine yourself an ambitious merchant who lives in the Renaissance era. In order to gain the prestige and become a winner, you need to come a long way. First you acquire mines and transportation, and then hire artisans. Your goal is to create the most fantastic jewelry pieces of all time and to achieve that you need to acquire precious stones! Trade the stones to get development cards and use cards to acquire even more gem stones. With gems and gold you will become the best-known merchant of all times.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport

Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years

Scoundrels of Skull is a new content to the original Lords of Waterdeep and you will get two expansions with this board game – the criminal haven of Skullport and the sprawling dungeon of Undermountain.
Each location of this game offers new playing option and new characteristics; you will discover new buildings, Quest Cards, intrigues and new Lords. With Scoundrels of Skull the number of players increased to 6, because you have a new faction now called Gray Hands.

Dungeons & Dragons

You have six epic Dungeon and Dragon monsters in the box. Chose one based on his abilities to charm or crush, or disintegrate their foes. The game provides multiplayer rules, so it is better to play with up to six players first time.
The game includes six new Decks with 28 cards each for fun action game. The box holds all six decks along with the base game and some expansion decks. You can store your whole Dungeon Mayhem collection.

Pandemic: Iberia

Top 11 Board Games For Kids

The game brings you to the world of Iberia where diseases are spreading very fast under the burning sun of the Iberian Peninsula. There are many roles in the game, but the three main are – a nurse, a rural doctor and a railway man. Create a team and choose one of the roles to fight with the world’s new threats – cholera, yellow fever, malaria and typhus.
You have to travel from Barcelona to Lisboa by boat, train or carriage and help people of Iberia by developing railways and providing fresh clean water to stop the pandemic.
You will discover the unique part of the game world during the significant historical time – the construction of the first Iberian railroad called Spring of Nations.

Power Grid Recharged

This is a second edition of the classic game with all the fun and strategy maintained. However, there are some interesting updates and improvements of the gameplay. Is there any better way to earn a fortune than with electric power? The game suggests various ways to do it. You can stick to the most traditional way and choose coal or oil as a source. Or, maybe you choose to be the first to burn the garbage. How about nuclear power or acquiring uranium? If you want to be independent of natural resources, you can go ecological way. After you have chosen your way to generate energy, you have to compete with opponents for all the necessary resources. Carefully manage your finances, thoughtfully expand your system and generate income. The winner will be the one with the largest powered network.

Twilight Imperium

Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years

This game is famous for its amazing story and background, along with tactical strategy. The 4th edition of the game supposes 3 to 6 players will take part in the galactic conquest. You can become a commander of one of the seventeen civilizations and fight for Galaxy supremacy. Use warfare, trading, create alliances, play political games and conquer the throne of Mecatol Rex as a new Master of the Galaxy.

Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

Ugly gremlins, sinister vampires and a giant dragon are all standing between you and the treasure you rightfully deserve. But you are not alone in this confrontation. In CLANK! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, you are part of the greatest adventure company in all aspects – and you might just save the world! In this board game you will work with and against your opponents through 10+ playable campaigns. Your successes, failures and choices will continually affect the game and the world around you as your journey unfolds, resulting in a unique and fully playable Clank! game. The story may end, but the adventure continues!

Eldritch Horror: The Mountains of Madness

Top 11 Board Games For Kids

The game is obviously inspired by Lovecraft’s story about Mountains of Madness and the Miskatonic University expedition to the haunted vastness of Antarctica. The game recreates expediton ravaged by scary monsters. The Mountains of Madness makes players to look into the doom full of terror. The side board brings to life the Antarctica’s harsh weather conditions and uneathned horros the expedition has faced. Join eightn investigators in their struggle with Ancient Ones coming to the surface through the open Gates.

Viticulture Essential Edition

Imagine that you’ve inherited a vineyard in pre-modern Tuscany. Along with rustic lands you own an old pad, a little cellar, and 3 workers. And you have a really big dream – be the owner of the best winery in Italy.
The goal of the game is clear – you need to allocate your workers and complete a number of tasks throughout the year. Each year workers have to do different tasks on a vineyard and there is a competition over those tasks.
Expand your vineyard by building new structures, planting more vines and filling vine orders. Step by step you will get closer to becoming the most successful vineyard in Italy.

Clue Game

Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years

This is a classic suspenseful clue game where players have to figure out the murderer of Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion. There is one murder and 6 suspects. Get all the evidences, chaeck all the rooms in the mansion, get the weapon and ask the guests. The player who comes to the right conclusion of Who, Where and What will be the winner!

We are sure that this list of Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years (Based On Customer Reviews) for you child are surly going to be their favorite birthday present ever! So what are you waiting for? Order your birthday present right away!

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