Teach Your Child to Read With These Top 10 Books

This list is based on the Best Choice in Reading & Phonics Teaching Materials list, approved by teachers and many parents around the United States. We are sure that you will find some of them useful and will teach your child to read with ease. Learn to Read A Magical Sight Words and Phonics Activity Workbook […]

8 Best Talking & Singing Dolls For Your Child

Today we will look at the best talking and singing dolls for your child, because a talking doll is the dream of any girl in childhood. As soon as your daughter begins to understand what a talking doll is, she will immediately ask you for it. How to choose the best option among the many […]

Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years (Based On Customer Reviews)

To help parents in choosing a good gift for their kid’s birthday, we have analized customers’ reviews and collected the Top 11 Board Games For Kids From 8 To 13 Years. Here’s a question, many parents must be wondering: what to gift your 9-10 year old kid for birthday? The thing is gifting children of […]

Top 10 Bath Toys for Newborns From Birth to 24 Months (based on customer reviews)

After reading dozens of parents reviews, we have found the top 10 bath toys for newborns. Toys sets are placed in descending order according to the customer reviews. With these toys your bathtime will become full of joy and happy smiles. Tide Pool Bath Set (from Green Toys) This is a bright set of 7 […]

The Fullest Collection of the Monster High Dolls (with pictures)

This page contains the fullest Collection of the Monster High Dolls. A few years ago Mattel company launched a doll series called Monster High. These exquisite dolls quickly became very popular because of the bright colors, unique personalities and fashion clothes.  Collection of the Monster High Dolls presented here can be divided into categories. We […]

10 Easy and Interesting Kid’s Books To Learn How To Read

This is the list of 10 books for kids that encourage children to start to read by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning. It seems that children can enjoy doing anything with pleasure … even reading! But perhaps they love to read so much just because children’s books are […]